Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

As any nice Jewish girl should, I went to overnight camp from age 8 on. The bliss of waking up at our normal crack of dawn 7:45am wake up time and realizing that rain was falling from the sky was one of the most joyous feelings my preadolescent self knew. Late sleep? Wearing sweats all day? Getting to play awesome (yes, amazingly awesome) rainy day games like “Sing Down” and “Action Auction”? Some of best days ever!

The only problem is in the real world you don’t have late wake up, or get to wear sweats to work just because it’s raining (actually I am wearing a sweatshirt and Uggs on this rainy day…but…another time). In the real world, rainy days suck! Rainy days as a single gal make you feel even more lonely than you feel on a bright, shiny, happy, sunny, gross, PDA couple walking past me swinging their hands and walking in unison day. Because what do you want to do on a rainy day? Curl up on your sofa with that big cuddly man of your dreams and watch whatever guilty rainy day movie you would never seriously watch if it wasn’t pouring out!

And that’s where we get to Mondays! Oh Mondays…If you haven’t seen Office Space, I am not really sure who you are, but we’ve all had a case of the Mondays at some point or another. But as a single gal, getting asked the obvious “So what did you do this weekend?” is really just another form of my grandmother repeatedly asking me if there is someone special in my life I’m not telling her about. No Grammy! There isn’t! And no, boss/co-worker/almost married friend/ girl holding hands with boyfriend/barista at Starbucks I did not meet the love of my love this weekend. Cause as a single gal we all know that is what we are thinking when we step out of the door every weekend. And Mondays, shudder, Mondays are just another cold hard lonely reminder of defeat. But that’s why we have Tuesdays! Drinks anyone?

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