Men Confuse Me…Even in Thailand

Especially in Thailand.


My friend (who I miss dearly…come back!!!) sent me this missive from her travels the other day: Continue reading

So There IS Something Worse Than Being Sad And Single!

I really thought that was the worst. Being SAD. And being SINGLE.

Turns out there is something worse…being Sad, single, and SOOOO fucking desperate that you would do this:

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Sad Single Submission: Girls Just Want to Be Liked?

The following story was sent to me by a reader (and fellow Sad, Single, Gal….):

    I cabbed it to a karaoke sports bar the other night with some friends, who also happen to be my neighbors.
    There was a small birthday party of strangers going on in another part of the very small, mostly empty bar. (Sad in itself since it was a Friday night.) Cut to an hour later when the Birthday Boy, who isn’t half bad looking, is told he’s on deck to sing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” His friend signed him up to it…he doesn’t want to sing it. Somehow he ends up at our table.

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