Rewritten Romances- 21st Century Blahhhhh

I was watching some generic romcom the other day…actually not generic, quite classic in fact…My Best Friend’s Wedding. But while I was watching it got me thinking about technology and romance. For those of you that love the movie as much as I do (Jambu 2002!), you know that there are a few scenes that hinge on technology…well the technology of the time.

Everything about this photo is large and in charge...the hair, dress, decor, and most importantly, the cellular device.

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Not So Independence Day…or How Not To Look Like a Drunk Slut in Front of Family This 4th

As the first REAL holiday approaches (were you counting Memorial Day?) since I started this blog, I think it is important to note how much holidays can suck being single. Like, they are awful. With so many holidays as a single lady, I can’t be the only one that allows myself to envision the day going one way (you know, meeting the love of my life, or even the love of my night), except he never shows. And I am stuck on New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s Day, Mardi Gras, Passover (laugh if you must…but all you singletons out there know what I mean), Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, and coming up on Monday, THE FOURTH OF JULY!

What's love got to do, got to do with it?

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The Science of Friends With Benefits…or FWBs

So there are some “benefits”…(haha, not really) to being an assistant, although, I did just return from a free pre screening of Friends With Benefits. Okay, before you groan, and say, “I saw that movie 6 months ago with Natalie Portman and that dude that married Demi Moore. It was called No Strings Attached,” think again. I was actually so presently surprised..I laughed…it was cute…it felt real… Continue reading

How About We….

I can’t be the only one who is asked by EVERYONE, and when I say EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE (yeah, that was a lovely convo with MY FATHER!), if I have tried dating sites. And being the sassy sad single Jewish gal that I am, it is always, “So have you tried JDate?” And imagine that in a nasally Jewish voice to get the full feeling.

Well, dating sites suck! They may be wonderful for some people, I just don’t think I am “some people.” Well I came across this article yesterday at work in my endless, online boredom:

So besides the douchey looking dude in the picture, I don’t know. Kind of makes sense. Could be as dumb as the rest of them…I’m looking at you OkCupid….but hey..what have I got to lose. So, hey, how about we…I don’t know..I’ll get back to you later.

Dating: A Child’s POV

This was sent to me by a friend:

okay…have you ever asked a kid between the ages of 5 and 10 whether they have a boyfriend/girlfriend? if not, try it some time (I is as hilarious as this story!). i have done this with several of the kids i babysit for, and, most recently, my 8-and-a-half-year-old cousin. the conversation is always the same, and it goes something like this (spot on!):

me: ben, do you have a girlfriend?
ben: yup.
me: really? what’s her name?
ben: audrey.
me: how do you know her?
ben: she’s in my class.
me: that’s awesome. do you guys hang out a lot?
ben: nope. not at all.
me: what do you mean? you’ve never had a playdate with her before?
ben: nope.
me: but she’s your girlfriend?
ben: yup.
me: does she KNOW she’s your girlfriend?
ben: nope.
me: you’ve never…mentioned this to her?
ben: nope.
me: but she’s your girlfriend.
ben: yup.

wouldn’t that be great, if we could just pick someone and DECIDE, without their consent, that they were our significant other? i am fascinated by the world of elementary school children in which this is possible.

It so would! So, Bradley Cooper, heads up! We’re engaged!

Surprise! The announcement will be in The New York Times and People Magazine next week!