The Fizzle

So you know when it is a super hot day out and you are just dying for a nice fizzy soda? So you open it up, and then….

the phone rings….

you get busy…

you have to run some random errand….

You basically forget about the lovely, fizzy soda that you just got….

and so that ring of perspiration forms….dripping water all over your new US Weekly, and the soda goes flat! So flat that by the time you get back, you are basically drinking brown water with sweetener in it.

And, by now you can guess, I’m not really talking about a soda. In fact, I don’t even drink soda that often….hmmmm!! But, what I am talking about is the phenomenon of “THE FIZZLE.” When you meet someone great. You guys are clicking. And then all of a sudden, it’s like The Fizzle is gone, and your relationship has gone Flat….

The Ladies of Miss Advised

Not sure if anyone else has been watching, but as I AM Madame SSG, I feel it is part of my “job” to watch Bravo’s Miss Advised. And, sadly (?) I relate…because I like to think that I give good advice to my friends…that my friends look to me for advice, and mockingly call me an “expert”. And just like the three ladies on Miss AdvisedJulia Allison, Emily Morse, and Amy Laurent, I can give advice…I just seem to have trouble taking my own advice. Of being able to rationally see the situation, even though when it comes to my friends, I am able to be pretty damn wonderful.

So, on last night’s episode, one of the ladies, Julia, had been in a long distance relationship with some guy. Sooooo, she and her roommate have a little dinner party or what-not, and of course the guy comes down to surprise her after 1 date! (cause that happens…) So, the episode starts with her waking him up on the couch…because…ok, yeah , now I’m lost! Oh, she said it was because she really likes him and she didn’t want to sleep with him yet. So, I guess that means she is unable to actually SLEEP in a BED with a guy…? Whatever. But of course later in the episode she reveals that (duh!! obvi) she gave him a BJ!!! So, clearly, CLEARLY, they were bound to fizzle soon after.

Hey, wouldn’t you by them wholesale too?

And what happened shortly thereafter? She went to visit him, and got DUMPED!  I’m not saying that the fizzle is always this obvious, but yup…it happens, and then you’re left feeling like that flat, gross soda that someone is just going to toss in the trash can. And then you can feel like this guy:

And, no, after the FIZZLE, the guy AIN’T talkin’ to you Oscar…he ain’t!


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