Unfortunate Cookie


Too bad I get this the night I’m sick with a fever…and “just my luck” (that’s for all you closeted Lindsay Lohan fans out there!) I didn’t even get a Bradley Cooper or Ryan Gosling sighting in my dream.

Sad & Single in ‘Da Club’

Maybe these are clues to why I’m still Single! I need some new Clubbin’ Clothes…

This girl forgot to put on pants, or a skirt, or the rest of her dress….

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Sad Single Summer

So I’ve tried this one before…and you know what? You’ve all been big fat (speaking of fat and summer…UGHHHH) failures. I’ve asked for your questions, your quandaries, your hopes, your dreams, your ways to humiliate me….

Well I guess some people never learn!!

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Hannah Montana is gettin’ Hitched!

Sorry I’ve been gone a bit…but hey! What a day to reappear!!! Hannah Montana is gettin’ Hitched!


Cue the MTV show, “16 and Married!”

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