A Comment Card for Dating?

Well, I was at a spa the other day. My life isn’t usually that fun or glamorous, but luckily enough I had signed up o the right email list and gotten some cheap deal and was reaping those rewards for an inundated inbox. So, I am getting dressed (and, yes, I’ll admit, looking for whatever free shit I could take. Hey, you would too!) when I notice at the sink, there is a stack if comment cards and a pen. (And no, before you ask, I DIDN’T take the pen).

Hopefully most are more helpful than this…

I didn’t really think anything of the comment cards, other than that was kind of an odd spot to put them…but then today I started thinking. HMMMM…Comment Cards. Those would be useful in live. And I bet you all know where I’m headed with this, would be MOST useful in dating!

Imagine for a moment please: A guy breaks up with you. He gives the old, it’s not you, it’s me speech that everyone and their dead grandmother has heard.

Could you imagine GEORGE telling you that? OY!!

And rather than getting upset, or mad, or kicking him in the balls under the table, you pull a comment card out of your bag. Basically, getting the answers that we all want, and never end up getting. Because I am going to be frightfully honest with you. I have never been broken up with. And I don’t mean that in the sense that I am so wonderful that no one would dare leave me! No. I mean it in the sense that no guy that I’ve dated as ever had enough guts to actually pick up the phone, drive their car over, or even shoot me a lil’ ole text, saying “Sorry, no me gusta- have a good life though!”

Which of course leaves ME wondering what I did wrong. And wondering, and wondering….and basically, wondering to the point of going, well fuck the guy, I could care less..I would just like to know. Which is where a comment card would be mighty handy to have. Because, look, random dude(s) that I would on a few dates on, let’s be serious… we weren’t getting married. We weren’t even going to really date. But let’s help each other out here! You tell me what I’M doing wrong, and I’ll tell you! Deal?

(ok,maybe not…but a girl can wish!)

The “Comment Card” that was here has been removed and “rebranded”. Look up or look for the newly named “Closure Card”
So I made up my own comment card…who knows? Maybe I’ll use it one day?

One thought on “A Comment Card for Dating?

  1. LOL! This is an awesome idea. I remember once in college a gal broke up with me, and I went to our mutual friend for an explanation, since the gal’s answer was so stock. But if there was a standardized comment card, I might’ve gotten the feedback I wanted so badly!

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