Can’t We All Just Round Down?

Ok, so bear with me here. So you know how they say:

“The devil is in the details.”

And like, I’m not really sure who “they” is or whatever, but let’s think about that for a moment. I know it’s supposed to mean that like you should make sure every little detail of a task is accounted for and whatnot, but let’s think of how it in another way. Like what if it meant, fuck the details, fuck the specifics, that’s the devil’s business. Except we/you/I don’t really talk about “the devil,” do we?

So I guess the whole point I am leading up to is that we all need to Round Down a bit, an amazing expression my friend thought at brunch. I could tell you where we went, what we ordered, how long we sat for, etc, etc, etc….but do you really give a shit? And that’s my point. You don’t. And I know that.

But you must be sitting there asking, how the hell does this affect me with being single, the point of this blog, right? Well, a few weeks ago (do you need to know exactly…no) I was out with some friends. I was coming back from the loo, when my friend was deep in convo with two guys. Very cute, but not the brightest bulbs in the factory. And one of the guys commented that we all looked alike. And I looked around, and WE DID! We all had brown wavy hair. As simple as that. Yet one of the girls in the group makes a point of the fact that she has (and please don’t kill me sweetie, I love you!) AUBURN hair. Um, nitpicky much? Maybe that’s what the bottle at the hair place says when you get it done, but to these Male untrained eyes, as well as my pretty trained female ones, it just looks brown. BROWN. Not chestnut, or tawny, or desert camel…..

These are all Browns...different, but all browns

These are all Browns…different, but all browns

It’s one thing when it comes to decorating my apartment. Believe me, I can tell the difference between eggshell white and minced onion…but there’s a time and a place for that kind of attention to detail. I think guys pretty much only use that “attention to detail” in regards to sports, especially their fantasy football leagues! But they just could care less if my shirt is technically a spaghetti strap or a tank top, just that it shows the ladies off pretty well.

Back to this whole Rounding Down business…what exactly does it mean. Well, if you think back to math class, circa third grade…(sorry, I know it’s the weekend) but like when you would get 3.67. And your teacher would say “Round Up!” So you would go up to the highest whole number and say it was 4. Well I guess what I’m saying is fuck that notion. Round down. You really don’t have 4. You have 3 and some extra. So better to say you have 3 and let the rest be a surprise later….right?


So let’s let math class be over and think of this in terms of real life. In terms of interactions between people who you are attracted to. In my case men (I say in my case, because I proudly now live in a state where Prop 8 is no more and anyone can marry anyone!!)…So rather than me talking myself up, I should just let me, my person, my being, MYSELF, do the “talking” rather than saying a bunch of shit I don’t need to say. We all should. Rather than bothering with the specifics of this and that and those, I should just be confident that I can be appealing just on my own….

But understand. Some people truly are awful. And rather than being able to let who they are naturally stand out, they just have to round it on up….don’t stoop to that level. Sit back. Pay attention to what they are actually saying, and be confident that maybe, just maybe someone will “like you…very much…just as you are.”

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