I Dare you to….send me a dare!

Do you remember when you were a little kid and there was something that you didn’t want to do, so you dared your friend to do it? Or when you were at overnight camp, and your whole bunk in unison yelled something like, “We dare you to wear underwear on your head to dinner,” and you HAD to or else you would feel like losers?

Ah, remember when this look was this funny? To be at overnight camp....

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A Girl Walks Into A Bar

…looks around, sees that the person she is meeting isn’t there yet, freaks a little, and then pulls out her phone. Yes, this is you! Don’t even try to deny it. I’m not. I will openly admit that I will even pretend (yeah, pretend) to be looking at important emails (see mom and dad, acting classes did pay off!) when I am really twittering, facebooking, wordpressing, etc. Continue reading