A Super Brief Happy New Year (and more to come)

So, very sorry for the absence. And sorry it has taken until January sixth ( I know! Six whole days in a brand new year!) to say “happy new year!” It will be my resolution to write more ( and to have more stories to write about…hey, also, help a sister out!!!)

But I do have an excuse for my lack of communication. I was away in Israel and as most of the people I went with know, much of our precious wifi time was spent deciding which Instagram filter to use on a picture of a camel. Mayfair…. I’m all about the Mayfair. But anyhoo, tonight I vanish yet again on a redeye to the exotic locale of Aruba (yes, actually awesome) and I will have time to write some stories that I have been meaning to and was just too busy bargaining in the shouk. So happy 2014, and keep your eyes peeled for some more updates soon. And as promised ( kinda) a picture of a camel:



I Resolve…

Yeah. I know. It’s January 12th. I am a big, major, lazy, no good, horrible, very bad (get it?? I should go to Australia…haha) slacker of a blogger. Yeah…I haven’t posted in a while. But everyone needs a break once in a while, so let’s just say I extended my vacation just a wee bit (and no, I didn’t go to Scotland or Ireland or Some-land where they say wee…I just like to say WEE).

"And I'm back in the game....!"

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