I Resolve…

Yeah. I know. It’s January 12th. I am a big, major, lazy, no good, horrible, very bad (get it?? I should go to Australia…haha) slacker of a blogger. Yeah…I haven’t posted in a while. But everyone needs a break once in a while, so let’s just say I extended my vacation just a wee bit (and no, I didn’t go to Scotland or Ireland or Some-land where they say wee…I just like to say WEE).

"And I'm back in the game....!"

Which gets me back to my point of even writing this. Resolutions. Oh, Resolutions. I am not really sure what to think of resolutions. I mean clearly it is really nice to have a marker in the year and be able to say “I am starting over.” And then everyone runs to the gym (well, actually drives to the gym) in brand new workout clothes and works out for about 3-6 weeks until they are just basically pouring money down the drain by not stepping foot back inside the rest of the year (I have no idea what I am talking about.. I swear!), until the whole cycle starts again once that ball drops again.

And then you have the crazy insane resolutions that are like “I will find Mr. Right this year and get married!” I was actually in my local Barnes and Noble back in Philly and I saw this crazy ass book, Get Married This Year: 365 Days to Say I Do

And what makes matters worse with it (and I have not read the book, just the back, and skimmed through it) but in the “you sometimes have to judge a book by its cover” category, look at the freaking cover! It is not about finding the right man! It’s about finding the man who will buy you a kick ass diamond…and from Tiffany’s at that!

So being that I spill my intermost (eh, really more like intermost-abridged?) thoughts with you all, I should use this space to post my resolutions so that I can be reminded of them by all you loyal fans, and in that sense held somewhat accountable for my said promises. So here goes:

    1. I resolve to write on here more. Yes, I am very sorry that I have been neglecting my sadsinglelife…it hasn’t gone anywhere. I will continue to exploit my sad adventures, and try my best to update you all with what crazy/sexy (ahahah! really? have you read me before)/embarrassing/silly/ridiculous/depressing things happen to me in 2012!

    2. While on vacation I was out with my sister in Philadelphia, at her “local watering hole.” She walks in and everybody most everybody knows her name. And for those readers out there NOT from Philly, let me just say that the type of guy is WAYYYY different then what I have encountered out here in Los Angeles. So my sister and I are sitting there catching up, having some drinks, and guys start to come over to us. Overly drunk, douchey, basically get the hell away from me men. Except, my sister engages in the conversation, and I do as well. Except, being from out of town, I don’t really have as much to say. So later that night on the walk back to my sister’s apartment, she tells me that I was rolling my eyes. I have never realized I do this! No one has ever pointed that out to me! Big Sister said, “What’s the harm in flirting, even if you aren’t interested?” Which is true..to an extent! Yes, practices does make perfect, but sometimes you can get really misinterpreted.

    Oh, Brother....

    So, long unnecesary story short, I want to get better at flirting…more self aware…relax. If you are one of my friends reading this and go out with me and have had the misfortune of seeing my awkward, attempts at flirting that no guy would ever have any idea that is what I was doing, it is your job to help! Please!!

    3…um the rest are boring things like organizing my apartment, my life, etc. The first two are the important ones. So what are your resolutions and have you broken them already? Let me know! Tweet me @SadSingleGal or email me at sadsinglegal@gmail.com (or just post below!!) and I will share your responses in an upcoming post.

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