Somebody That I Used to Know: A Sad Single Song Analysis

I often will hear a song on the radio. Find it on youtube. And then play it nonstop. And with the amazing invention you might have heard of (if you haven’t, what rock have you been hiding under?) known as SHAZAM, it makes my job of figuring out the songs and trying to remember what the singer might have been singing that much easier. So last week, I heard a song, shazamed it, and this weekend looked it up on youtube and have since been playing it nonstop, per the usual. And per the us, I want to know what the hell is being said. I love looking up lyrics and actually trying to figure out songs are saying. So first, before you are like, stop it already, just tell me the stoopid song….here it is:

It’s weird. It’s fascinating. It’s a little Police reminiscent. But more important, are the words. I love when besides a song being catchy and beautiful, I can relate to it. And of course Mizzz SadSingleGal relates to someone saying:

So when we found that we could not make sense
Well you said that we would still be friends
But I’ll admit that I was glad that it was over

But you didn’t have to cut me off
Make out like it never happened
And that we were nothing
And I don’t even need your love
But you treat me like a stranger
And that feels so rough
No you didn’t have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect your records
And then change your number
I guess that I don’t need that though
Now you’re just somebody that I used to know

Now, let me be clear…this person in the song is FAR luckier than me, because in most of my disastrous misadventures in dating, it is usually the other person deciding that “we could not make sense” but doesn’t bother to let me know…so, there is that. But I too have actually had a situation where a guy actually did pretend not to remember me…

    [Pink flashback smoke a la Saved by the Bell]

It was back in college, and it wasn’t as if I had a relationship with this guy, but he knew how I was. I never really saw him around because we didn’t live on the same parts of campus, have the same majors, really have ANYTHING in common…so of course I thought I would never really have to see him. And add to that the fact that he was a year older, so by the time I was a senior, he would be graduated.

At least I wasn't this bad!!

So, as a liberal arts person (yea..what did you think I studied in college, nuclear psychics? Politics? Only if there was a TV show based on those subjects!) I waited until my last semester to take my Science requirement (which actually was first semester of senior year, as I graduated after that…but why do you give a fuck about that?). So I walk into what was basically Science for Liberal Arts (I think we might have actually built rockets and looked at plants and put Mentos in Diet Coke), and who do I see sitting there? Oh yeah..and wait. Shouldn’t he have been graduated? Gone? Yeah, but he wasn’t.

But week after week, he pretend not to remember me. We were even paired up in lab together a few times. We were even in a study group for our midterm together. And still, nothing. And it was like the song says, “You treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough.” And not that it really felt SOOOO rough…it wasn’t like I knew this guy that well (I am not a giant whore…I promise!) but I feel like everyone has those moments when you kind of do something a little crazy…put yourself out there hoping it will pay off, and it royally doesn’t. And you find yourself face to face with somebody that you used to know. And sometimes if you look hard enough in the mirror, you realize that might even be yourself….(whoa, deep)!

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