A Look Back At True Love…

So I am on “vacation”…well not totally. I am visiting family in Detroit, and my grandmother’s old condo flooded. So we have spent the day cleaning…well once again, that is a bit of a stretch. I have really spent the day going through photos, and scrapbooks, and whatnot. And in doing so I came across this clip from the scrapbook my grandmother kept while my grandfather was away in the war:


Cold Body Syndrome

Hey folks! Sorry it has been awhile…nothing romantical has occurred in the interim, although many other exciting things have. I write this sitting in a cab on the way to LAX, where I am headed for two weeks of family time.

So, the past few weeks have been incredibly busy! So busy on fact that there were days at work that I went hours without getting to check dlisted! I felt lost in the world! Good things are happening, also in conjunction with CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Yea it is a pretty, pretty (a la Larry David) big deal at my workplace, and as a Jew, I am proud to say I made Christmas my bitch this year!

But as you can imagine, all this left little actual time for thinking about dating, or romance, or all of that bs….and frankly I am great with that right now. Yeah, of course I would love if I was in a relationship to get to be with them this time of year, but starting something around the holiday season BLOWS! Do you bring them to your company Xmas party? How much do you spend on a gift? Do you get them a gift? How serious is it?

But I think there are a lot of people that see the coming dates on their calendar and start to freak out and find the closest body nearby to get them through these cold winter months (yes, it is cold, even in la) something I like to call Cold Body Syndrome.

CBS (not to be confused with the network) causes people to mistakenly pair up during the cold winter months, typically as soon as Christmas decorations go up until either right before Valentine’s day (for the gents) or St. Patty’s day or a similar wild and crazy day (for the ladies).

So as I now wait in line after the shortest 4:30am cab ride ever, I am thankful that this sad single gal is actual single this time. And to all you CBS-ers out there, enjoy the next few months!

Sad Single Submission: Girls Just Want to Be Liked?

The following story was sent to me by a reader (and fellow Sad, Single, Gal….):

    I cabbed it to a karaoke sports bar the other night with some friends, who also happen to be my neighbors.
    There was a small birthday party of strangers going on in another part of the very small, mostly empty bar. (Sad in itself since it was a Friday night.) Cut to an hour later when the Birthday Boy, who isn’t half bad looking, is told he’s on deck to sing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” His friend signed him up to it…he doesn’t want to sing it. Somehow he ends up at our table.

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Quotes from a (sad) Bar

I’m sorry that I’d rather text pictures of onesies than talk to a creepy guy.

Guy: is that a circle on your shirt?I just wanted to see if there was one on the front.

Girl: I can’t understand what you’re saying.

Guy: that’s cause I wear Invisalign.

you remind me of the girl I went to prom with because she was so much taller than me too!

Guy: Hey.

Girl: Are you part of the party or is this a random walk by?

Guy: I’m not part of any party. I just wanted to say hi because you are really beautiful.

Girl: Did you stop me because I have a circle on my shirt? There was this other guy and he had invisalign.

Guy: No, I just wanted to say hi. I’m recently single and just trying to meet people.

Girl: (Pointing to SSG) She writes a blog about being single…


(Girl still managed to give her number to guy with the help of SSG and friend!!)