When 2 Become 1

Yes, I am quoting the Spice Girls. Love them! So a week or so ago, I was actually out at a bar with a family friend and my brother. We had met up with my brother’s roommate and his friend who was visiting from out of town. Now, like any other (at least I hope…I really hope) normal sister out there, I try to curtail any flirting or any attempts men might make at flirting (which we all know are rare) around my brother, as that is just weird!

But we all could not stop noticing this couple that was basically ontop of each other…not to mention the fact that the guy was a straight up hipster wearing (barf) Skinny cords. Yes, I kid you not. Skinny, red corduroy pants. And he had them crossed over the girl’s leg!

So, of course we were all disgusted/fascinated by this turn of events. So I did what any good blogger would do: I pretended to take a picture of the roommate’s friend and really got one of the gross weird couple (what? did you think I would have done something else??)


So enjoy my voyeurism and remember, if it is past 1am and you are basically sitting in each others lap, you are just bumming everyone else out. Just go home and do it already!

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