So There IS Something Worse Than Being Sad And Single!

I really thought that was the worst. Being SAD. And being SINGLE.

Turns out there is something worse…being Sad, single, and SOOOO fucking desperate that you would do this:

Yeah, the site is called INVITE FOR A BITE, and they actually write this on the site:

Invite For A Bite solves the problem of what to do when you don’t want to eat alone. Wherever you are in the world.

First off, just eat alone. I know I often joke about it on this site, but who the well cares? Grab your iPad, and pull up an ebook (just don’t start reading 50 Shades of Grey at a restaurant…that might be worse than Invite for a Bite).

Second, this sounds like some kind of fangbanger website that should be featured on True Blood or something…I mean, really? Invite for a Bite? Sounds way more like a sexual site for some sluts ready to get all frisky with some Vamps down at Fangtasia!

Gawker had a wonderful take on it, If Women Stop Eating Alone, Whom Will We Pity in Restaurants?…but come one ladies! Aren’t horrible online dates bad enough? You really want to subject yourself to a horrible blind dinner where you will be going splitsies and there is no chance of sex (unless you are one of the secret lesbians not abiding by the HONOR CODE!!)?

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