So Not a Single Dress!

Ok people who make clothes….I know this is probably something you never really thought about, but I’m Single! And I’m sure all of you are like, “So what? Who cares?”

SO What….WHO cares….?

Well, silly people that make clothes, I point this out for the reason that…well for the obvious reason, I have no one to help me zipper, button, tie, etc. said clothes. So on a shopping jaunt in jolly ole London the other day, I tried on this adorable dress. But you know, it was one of those things were I definitely was like, where/when/ and then finally, HOW would I wear this? Because on a purely practical note, this was the RIDICULOUS back:


So how in the world would I EVER be expected to walk out of the door with this dress on appropriately? This is the work of someone who doesn’t realize that I HAVE NO ONE IN MY LIFE TO DO THIS UP FOR ME!

And honestly, BUTTONS! You can’t even go all Liz Lemon on that….

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