Best Line EVER Uttered on TV…

So I was home sick in bed yesterday, basically comatose. I don’t think I have ever slept that much in my life. Sexy, right? But in the moments I was awake, I finally watched most of My So-Called Life. How have I not watched this yet? I mean, granted it was on in 1994, but 90210 was on way before that, and I watched THAT from the beginning right alongside my sister! Continue reading

MIA: Felicity Induced Netflix Coma

So I know it’s been a few days…but Felicity just became available on Netflix. SO, yeah. I am in a Felicty Coma. I am almost done! What a marvelous, phenomenal show! How I miss you Felicity, Ben, Noel, and everyone else at University of New York…

I am even watching an episode as I type this!

and I’ll hopefully awaken from my Netflix coma soon. And write about my non dating woes (Why didn’t I ever have a Ben and a Noel to make a choice between? I didn’t even get a Ben OR a Noel!!)…

Oh well! At least I have better hair!

Hair Today, Gone To….a Great Cause.

So I’m sure you have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while. Well, I have been recovering from surgery…I’m fine. Just not leading the swinging single life as I’m used to. And I can promise you that all of these tv shows that promise you McDreamy, McSteamy, McHot Male Nurse, and McGeorge Clooney before he became uber famous, are a big fat lie. I did not fall in love with any doctors, nurses, orderlies, lab techs, other patients, etc. It was very unromantic as surgeries go…and I guess normal.

I don't recall anyone that looked like that...even under anesthetics!

But something that happens after you go through surgery and feeling shitty, is that you want a change. Something that you can actually see. And feel good about. In my case, I decided a drastic haircut was in order. Now, I am sure many of you think of the same thing as I do when you hear “drastic haircut.” Continue reading