Hair Today, Gone To….a Great Cause.

So I’m sure you have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while. Well, I have been recovering from surgery…I’m fine. Just not leading the swinging single life as I’m used to. And I can promise you that all of these tv shows that promise you McDreamy, McSteamy, McHot Male Nurse, and McGeorge Clooney before he became uber famous, are a big fat lie. I did not fall in love with any doctors, nurses, orderlies, lab techs, other patients, etc. It was very unromantic as surgeries go…and I guess normal.

I don't recall anyone that looked like that...even under anesthetics!

But something that happens after you go through surgery and feeling shitty, is that you want a change. Something that you can actually see. And feel good about. In my case, I decided a drastic haircut was in order. Now, I am sure many of you think of the same thing as I do when you hear “drastic haircut.”

And as much as they tried to write it into Felicity that people LOVED her haircut, Keri Russell’s hair was the other star of that show and it never looked the same (or good like that..ugh). But, regardless of the way it looked, I am sure you all know what it feels like to “pull a Felicity.” Or at least know someone that has “pulled a Felicity.” I did it in college. After a guy of course. Of course. Much like Felicity needed a change after Ben, I needed a change after the jerk in college blew me off.

But rather than just chopping a bunch of hair off and sweeping it into the trash can, I wanted to donate it. Now it’s at this point in the story where most people go, “Oh, to Locks of Love?” And I answer, “No.” After doing a bit of research on hair donation, I wasn’t sure that they were really the best place for my donation…you can do your own research, or just read this interesting article from the New York Times to start (Lather, Rinse, Donate). So, as I had a personal connection to cancer, I settled on Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths is a partnership between Pantene and the American Cancer Society. The hair that is sent goes directly to women affected by Cancer. Since they have started in 2006, 18, 000 free real-hair wigs have been made and donated to the American Cancer Society’s wig banks which distribute wigs to cancer patients across the country. They are currently the country’s largest donor of real-hair wigs through the American Cancer Society.

So last Friday, I went to get my hair cut and knew that it was time for a change again. As much as I loved my long hair, I needed to make a change in my life…do something a little drastic. So before I had my hair washed, my wonderful hair stylist chopped off 9 inches of locks. (Oh, that’s the other wonderful thing about Pantene Beautiful Lengths…minimum requirement for donation is 8 inches!)

My former hair

So, this time I wasn’t really “pulling a Felicity.” I was really just trying to change things up minus the guy. Who knows…maybe the guys will like the short haired look rather than the longer look? I don’t really care though because I was able to change things up and help out a great cause in doing so. And hair can always grow back.

Mailing off my hair....

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