Best Line EVER Uttered on TV…

So I was home sick in bed yesterday, basically comatose. I don’t think I have ever slept that much in my life. Sexy, right? But in the moments I was awake, I finally watched most of My So-Called Life. How have I not watched this yet? I mean, granted it was on in 1994, but 90210 was on way before that, and I watched THAT from the beginning right alongside my sister!

But, basically Angela Chase is pretty much Felicity Porter in High School.

Feel the angst....

And Jordan Catalano is basically Ben Covington!

Oh, you non talkative hotties!

So, yesterday while netflix streaming my way through the brilliance, I heard quite possibly the best line ever to be uttered on a tv show…..EVER!

    (It happens 54 seconds into the clip….!)

Finally, an erection from actual physical contact.”

    – Brian Krakow


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