I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

So a lot of the times when I write, I use humor as a way to maybe cope with feelings – you know how in Friends Chandler’s always making jokes, even at the most inappropriate times?

Well, that is kind of me on here. Sometimes rather than actually reflecting on what is making me sad, or angry, or upset, I joke it off. Continue reading

Introducing The Sad Single Closure Card

Ok…so last night I post about comment cards, and how I basically wish I could hand people them after dating explodes or basically more often in my case, the bomb doesn’t even go off (womp womp). So, I was showing it to my new thrift buddy (yeah…have I not mentioned my thrifting and Martha Stewartiness before…pretty sure I have. Well, we bonded over our love of the abfab Emily Henderson. We love you, Emily!)

So, I am showing Thrifty the Dating comment card I made and she goes, “It’s a closure card!” DUHHHHHHH!!!! So, introducing to you all, the new and improved, Sad Single Closure Card- ready to be printed out and handed to that lame jackass who broke your heart, or maybe just broke your wine glass.


Either way, get some closure.
Just not like this: