HO-lloween: A Cautionary Tale

Happy Halloween, Ladies & Gents! After what feels like a week full of Halloween & Hurricanes, basically scary stuff…tonight is actually Halloween. And while many feel the need to wear as little clothing as possible, let WonderWoman be a warning to you:

WOnder WOman

I don’t know how NAKED Wonder Woman will save you…uhhhh, don’t really want to think to hard on that!

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Sad Single What Should I Be For Halloween?

Halloween! The time for couples to be obnoxious about their coupledom, and single girls to skankify there otherwise wholesome selfs. So I come to you fellow singles, successful couples, and all that in between, with the age old question:

What should I be for Halloween?

No, seriously! I am at such a loss..so I come to you my readers seeking guidance and a good, not too slutty, but yeah, slutty costume! So comment below, tweet me @sadainglegal, email me or come out of the bushes Gerald and just say it to my face! All ideas welcome, even you crazies put there…the winning idea will be worn by non-celebrity me!!!