HO-lloween: A Cautionary Tale

Happy Halloween, Ladies & Gents! After what feels like a week full of Halloween & Hurricanes, basically scary stuff…tonight is actually Halloween. And while many feel the need to wear as little clothing as possible, let WonderWoman be a warning to you:

WOnder WOman

I don’t know how NAKED Wonder Woman will save you…uhhhh, don’t really want to think to hard on that!

So I apologize from the lack of clarity, but I clearly snapped this picture at a Halloween party the other night, where I went for a more “demure” look and preferred to mock other ladies for their HO-atude. But let “Wonder Woman” be a warning to you all before you step out the door tonight in almost nothing (she literally has a thong on, with a gold net thing that did not cover her but over it…)….

This looks like a girl scout and a mexican…with puke, passed out on a bus…HOT!

If you are looking for a Halloween one night stand, and an awesome story about a Slutty Unicorn banging Wolverine, or Hurricane Sandy “touching down” on a guy dressed as a New York Giant (see what I did there….huh?) they by all means, SLUT IT UP LADIES.

walk of shame

If you actually don’t want to walk of shame it home on a Thursday morning dressed as a Slutty Ariel the Mermaid, maybe you should reconsider your options. I know Halloween is SUPPOSED to be a let’s get all sexy and be sluts for a night holiday (Thanks, Mean Girls!) but what if it wasn’t? What if instead of showing my vagina to the world that night…this is going to be shocking, I know….I showed…MY SENSE OF HUMOR? still in a slightly provocative manner of course, but rather than just adding SLUTTY to professions, what if people were actually able to bond over revealing things about themselves via costume? The girl over there dressed as Joan from Mad Men probably would have a lot to talk about with that Don Draper! That Taylor Swift might enjoy chatting with the JFK…probably not the Jackie O though…you get my point.

I don’t, just my thoughts…as a sad, single, 70s, gal….

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