Quotes from a (sad) Bar

I’m sorry that I’d rather text pictures of onesies than talk to a creepy guy.

Guy: is that a circle on your shirt?I just wanted to see if there was one on the front.

Girl: I can’t understand what you’re saying.

Guy: that’s cause I wear Invisalign.

you remind me of the girl I went to prom with because she was so much taller than me too!

Guy: Hey.

Girl: Are you part of the party or is this a random walk by?

Guy: I’m not part of any party. I just wanted to say hi because you are really beautiful.

Girl: Did you stop me because I have a circle on my shirt? There was this other guy and he had invisalign.

Guy: No, I just wanted to say hi. I’m recently single and just trying to meet people.

Girl: (Pointing to SSG) She writes a blog about being single…


(Girl still managed to give her number to guy with the help of SSG and friend!!)