Quotes from a (sad) Bar

I’m sorry that I’d rather text pictures of onesies than talk to a creepy guy.

Guy: is that a circle on your shirt?I just wanted to see if there was one on the front.

Girl: I can’t understand what you’re saying.

Guy: that’s cause I wear Invisalign.

you remind me of the girl I went to prom with because she was so much taller than me too!

Guy: Hey.

Girl: Are you part of the party or is this a random walk by?

Guy: I’m not part of any party. I just wanted to say hi because you are really beautiful.

Girl: Did you stop me because I have a circle on my shirt? There was this other guy and he had invisalign.

Guy: No, I just wanted to say hi. I’m recently single and just trying to meet people.

Girl: (Pointing to SSG) She writes a blog about being single…


(Girl still managed to give her number to guy with the help of SSG and friend!!)

DTR..No This Has Nothing to Do With Your Cable Box

Some might say both dvrs and men need to be programmed...some, not all! Gosh!

DTR (not to be confused with dVr)…means Define The Relationship. And in this day and age where we must name every thing in life, this is the moment where you have that discussion with your “signficant,” or what you may come to realize “non significant,” other about what this really is. And when I say really, I mean DEFINE it. Evil, evil, scary words to men (apparently). Continue reading