Hope You all Had a Sexy V-Day…

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….and not a “Oh, shit I really want to have sex, so I’m cool with VD.” Also all you Women of LA  believers, maybe this is one of the reasons you ain’t getting laid? You’re too cheap to get a Costco membership with your friends and buy a jumbo sized box?

I’m A “Woman of LA” and I Call Bullshit!

If you’re not familiar with the Murray Hill Video,where have you been and watch the provided link. DJ Lubel has made an LA one, called “THE WOMEN OF LA,” about how he can’t get laid. Watch:

Ok, super funny. Yes. Completely accurate descriptions of parts of LA. Yes. But there are magically lots of people getting laid here. I don’t exactly know where they are, or who they are….but I assure you Mr. Lubel, it ain’t because the girls are turning every guy down. No….Just NO. Maybe it’s because when assholes (note, I’m not saying nerd, I love nerds, hit on gorgeous women (also not saying anything about myself…) they get turned down for being asses. Just a thought.