A Sad Single Gal Gets on a Plane

As I am sitting at the airport waiting to board my red eye home for Memorial Day weekend, I am struck with the single gal aspect of getting onto a plane. How many movies, or tv shows, or books (yeah, I read…chic lit, but that still counts!) have you seen/read/or in my mom’s case heard, where desperate single gal gets on a plane and somehow the love of her life sits right down next to her?

Probably every time you have seen a plane and a single person combined together in a work of fiction, that’s how many! But for some reason ever time I step onto a plane, the love of my life seems to have taken a different flight. In college, it was worse. The airline I would fly most often was Southwest. In those days, Southwest didn’t have the fancy number system they have now. So I would get there early, get on the plane and then pray that some hot guy wouldn’t pass me by. Of course I always got the fat old men in unironic Hawaiian shirts that talked to me about their daughters- ugh, I don’t give a shit and get your fat off of me!

I also have a weird superstition (not that I really follow it or anything, but, hey…). You know when you are switching your seat when you check in online. What if your original seat was next to TLOYL (the love of your life)? What if you just royally fucked that up? But like I said, I don’t really buy into my own superstition, I just worry about it (getting an aisle seat is far too important).

But the worst thing about flying as a single gal is when you get stuck in a row with “that couple.” Oh, you know that couple I am talking about! They are too cute, cuddle and annoying and make you want to barf, and they also bicker with each other, which makes you want to hit them even more. And more often than not, they are ill prepared to travel, peeking over at what I am watching on my ipad. And as I write this waiting patiently for my plane to board, there is the most annoying girl speaking baby talk loud enough that I can hear it and leaning all over her boyfriend. Get a room! Oh wait…grrrrr!!!!

The “No Way in Hell” Guy

We’ve all read the covers of silly women’s magazines that proclaim to have insight into a guy’s mind. “The sexiest thing-straight from real men” “what guys really like” “what guys want” and so on and so on….And it all kind of seems like bullshit, because what, the sexiest thing to a man is confidence? No, it has to be boobs, or butts, or what other obvious body parts are there? But I keep being told time and again, that this confidence thing is the most attractive quality I could have.

Who is this meant to appeal to? Me or a man?

Problem is, I am not someone who thinks highly of myself when it comes to guys. I don’t walk into a bar and expect men to fawn all over me. Which is probably my downfall if you think about it, my overwhelming lack of confidence in myself. Alas (yeah, I said alas..let’s make words like that cool…), that is the painful truth. I am shocked when a guy shows any interest at all. I get flustered and probably act weird when a guy comes up to talk to me at a bar. Continue reading

A Single Gal Anthem: “Almost Lover”

Ok, listen to the words of this magical song (ignore the sad sappy video), and try to tell me that it is not about a girl deciding to defriend a guy on facebook. Like a crazy single gal, she has blown her relationship with this man out of proportion, and now after facebook stalking him, she finds out he has a new girlfriend. She can’t take it any more…and must press the button…DEFRIEND.

(this is just my opinion. but come on! really, what else is going on here?)