Sad Single Gal of the Day: The iMessage Icon

Because really what’s more sad and lonely than this little icon when no red marker appears all weekend long…because you know you are trying to convince yourself you aren’t waiting for Mr. I’m So Not Thinking About Him to text. But you clearly are! And the worst is when your friend with her lovely, wonderful BF keeps getting texts all night long…all weekend long…barf….

So here’s to dreaming of a day where my imessage icon will go from sad to fab!!

maybe that’s from him??? But it’s probably from my mom….


(thank you to my no longer sad or single sister for forever being the spellcheck police….)

The “No Way in Hell” Guy

We’ve all read the covers of silly women’s magazines that proclaim to have insight into a guy’s mind. “The sexiest thing-straight from real men” “what guys really like” “what guys want” and so on and so on….And it all kind of seems like bullshit, because what, the sexiest thing to a man is confidence? No, it has to be boobs, or butts, or what other obvious body parts are there? But I keep being told time and again, that this confidence thing is the most attractive quality I could have.

Who is this meant to appeal to? Me or a man?

Problem is, I am not someone who thinks highly of myself when it comes to guys. I don’t walk into a bar and expect men to fawn all over me. Which is probably my downfall if you think about it, my overwhelming lack of confidence in myself. Alas (yeah, I said alas..let’s make words like that cool…), that is the painful truth. I am shocked when a guy shows any interest at all. I get flustered and probably act weird when a guy comes up to talk to me at a bar. Continue reading