Hottie (hot) Alert!!

You know that awesome feeling of having a crush on a not so famous “celebrity” and then they hit it big and you were like, duh…I knew that all along. That is how I felt back in the day when my boy Brad hit it big, you know, Bradley Cooper. Yeah, I knew all the way back when I was 13 that he would be a big deal one day.

Yeah, I even knew with that hair...

And that’s why I’m letting you all in on this little secret that I discovered last night. You won’t have long to claim you were into him back when, because he is that BEAUTIFUL.


Oh, and did I mention he is British…meaning cute, little British accent? Click below to hear (and see….):

Oh, and the best part? He can sing. He is part of band, Graffiti 6. Have a listen (and once again, a look):

So if you didn’t gather from the videos and pictures, that is Jamie Scott, lead singer of Graffiti 6. And Damn, he is lovely, as they might say across the pond. But welcome to America, Jamie! Just don’t turn into a John Mayer-esque douche and you’ll do fine!

So I leave you with one final thought:

One thought on “Hottie (hot) Alert!!

  1. He also wrote moments by one direction all by him self and when you listen to it and the realize he wrote those lyrics and he is this hot makes it even better

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