Confession: I Am An Online Ageist

Yeah, that’s right. I am an online ageist. But I mean this in a good way. I mean this in the way that you all understand why To Catch A Predator with Chris Hansen had a reason for existing (oh Chris Hansen…you really cheated…online…and got caught…really?).

On all of the online dating sites they ask what your age range is, which makes perfect sense. It would make sense that as a 24 year old, I would ideally (IDEALLY…notice the italics) date someone a little older, but not too old. Like say 26-29, maybe even 30. Ah, if only it was that easy. Continue reading

From the Mind of A Male….

Thanks, Maleminded!

…so I guess no guys have really liked me? Womp, womp..

But for real, take a look at this HILARIOUS tumblr, Male Minded. The author is an 18 year guy, who some how knows more about women that most so called “men” that I know.

DTR..No This Has Nothing to Do With Your Cable Box

Some might say both dvrs and men need to be programmed...some, not all! Gosh!

DTR (not to be confused with dVr)…means Define The Relationship. And in this day and age where we must name every thing in life, this is the moment where you have that discussion with your “signficant,” or what you may come to realize “non significant,” other about what this really is. And when I say really, I mean DEFINE it. Evil, evil, scary words to men (apparently). Continue reading

I Want to See This Movie Like Crazy

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a few days…as one of my loyal followers you must be clamoring for my delightful self deprecating stories. So to hold you over until I have something wonderfully witty for you, I am sharing with you this utterly amazing looking movie, Like Crazy…as in I love you like crazy, I miss you like crazy, I want to see this movie like crazy… Continue reading

Does Love Really Make You “Crazy, Stupid”?

Well, I think we can all answer that with a resounding “HELL, YES!!” Even like, or lust makes you into a crazy, stupid idiot. If you didn’t “act a fool” about the girl/guy/transgendered you are involved with then, you probably should reevaluate your relationship status…and I don’t just mean saying you are “complicated” on the ole facebook.

Finally! A movie poster without a teacher wearing Louboutins! Bad Teacher...I'm lookin at you!

Continue reading