A Sad Single Gal Gets Her Nails Done: A Dramatazation

Yeah, let's just talk about this. Men painting nails is just wrong. I don't really care if you disagree, but just the whole idea of a man holding my hand and painting each nail oh so delicately...weird and wrong. There are some things that men just shouldn't do...

[Mid-afternoon at a nail salon in Los Angeles. A girl (SSG) sits waiting for a manicurist to sit down and paint her nails….a man approaches and sits. He is the MANicurist.]

    Are you going out for Halloween tonight?


    What are you doing?

    I have a house party.

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Dear SSG

And sometimes unsolicited!

On a new segment I like to call “DEAR SSG” (that is Sad Single Gal if you haven’t caught on), I will answer YOUR questions!

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A Single Sad Soloween

As a single gal (or guy- welcome!) you expected Valentine’s Day to Suck.

You expected Christmas to suck. I already explained why Fourth of July can suck (alcohol). So you probably weren’t expecting Halloween to roll around and have all of your happily paired up friends shove it in your face! Too bad. Welcome to Soloween. Continue reading

Driving Ms. Crazy

Damn it! I left my tiara at home!

Have you ever had one of those amazing girls nights with a friend that just leaves you feeling, oh I don’t know, somehow more clear, more at peace, just satisfied? Well obviously I did (the other night in fact) or I wouldn’t be writing about it now. And for all of you Los Angelenos out there reading this, may I suggest Ugo Wine Bar in Culver City as a great location for one of these-esque nights. It would even be a lovely date locale…if I could ever get a date! Continue reading