Sad Single No More…?

So, I was out today doing some errands in Santa Monica. I wasn’t wearing anything special. Jeans and a shirt. My hair was messy and thrown up in a bun. But guess what loyal readers? I got proposed to!

The corner of my proposal!!

Yeah! By a bum on the street!

I had dropped my car off to have some work done, and was walking back to pick it up when the magical moment happened. The light turned green, so I crossed the street. And then as I turned the corner up the next street, He saw me from his spot on the street as I walked by and uttered these romantic words, “I want to marry you.”

So, I bid you adieu fair readers, as me and the bum run off to Vegas to get hitched, as I want to marry him, too!

JUST KIDDING! Hope you have a lovely Saturday night!

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