Crack is Whack!

No, I’m not a big Whitney Houston fan…although I do “Wanna Dance With Somebody.” I’m talking about this crack…

I Don't Want To See That!

Plumber butts are gross. But you know what else I hate? Bikers…especially living in LA. Because these assholes carelessly ride through busy intersections even when there is a red light or if they have a stop sign. Or when they have both headphones in and can’t hear 20 cars honking at them…

So this morning, while driving to work, an asshole biker did his asshole thing…

    But then he rode past me…

    And I saw…

I (REALLY) don't want to see that!

So please, gentlemen (and ladies…you are not immune from PB!), cover your ass…in more ways than one.

    Oh….double entendre!

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