Paperless Post-ing V-Day: SadSingle Style

A Sad, Single (Drunken) Valentine’s Day….If you are my friend you should be expecting this card tomorrow!

What SSG will be doing tomorrow evening…Possibly alone…but me and my new bff, Big Bertha (my wineglass….Cougartown is back tomorrow!!) can never truly be lonely with some fine wine.

If you don’t love Downtown Abbey, stop. Who are you?! Or if you haven’t even given it a shot, stop what you are doing and watch it RIGHT AWAY. AND if you are a guy and want to get lucky tomorrow night, this is a serious option for what you can do. A nice romantic night with the Granthams!

If only I could meet someone online that wasn’t a total creep, psycho, weirdo, moron, or twice my age…then, Sure!

Don’t forget to send a little love to the people who gave you life!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, guys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses! Even Mr. Darcy…And he is right! You don’t need your glasses on all the time….!!

Ugh…this card was good until the little bit at the bottom, but come on people…it’s an ugly naked baby shooting people with arrows! Eww. And they did also write “Ugh.” I love the word “Ugh.” It is so wonderfully descriptive.

HAHAHAH!! Love this one. And it speaks the friggin truth! Ladies, if you JUST started seeing a guy, just because you don’t hear from him tomorrow, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. Chances are he really does, but Valentine’s day is a forced, fake, romantic barf fest, and he is probably not wanting to jump into something that quick. And if he is, I would be afraid!

These are amazing. I wish I had someone I hated to give them to!!

[all of these awesome cards come from Paperless Post…if you actually are in love and need a card, they have those too. UGH!]

4 thoughts on “Paperless Post-ing V-Day: SadSingle Style

  1. Forced, fake, romantic barf fest seriously made me laugh out loud 🙂 And those candy hearts are amazing. Someone needs to make them, but out of chocolate so I can eat them, since the way they’re made now is disgusting…

    Um, Downton=LOVE. The episode last night was ahhh-mazing. *sigh* That show makes me happy.

    • If Matthew Crawley existed in real life, I would “Crawl” (sorry for the cornball response) all over him…and spot on about candy hearts? who likes them? people that like candy corn??

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