Sad Single No More…?

So, I was out today doing some errands in Santa Monica. I wasn’t wearing anything special. Jeans and a shirt. My hair was messy and thrown up in a bun. But guess what loyal readers? I got proposed to!

The corner of my proposal!!

Yeah! By a bum on the street!

I had dropped my car off to have some work done, and was walking back to pick it up when the magical moment happened. The light turned green, so I crossed the street. And then as I turned the corner up the next street, He saw me from his spot on the street as I walked by and uttered these romantic words, “I want to marry you.”

So, I bid you adieu fair readers, as me and the bum run off to Vegas to get hitched, as I want to marry him, too! Continue reading

Walk of Shame 101: From the Sheets to the Streets

You’ve been there. You know you have. And whether it’s shame or (more often than not) pride you feel as you slip out that door…you have to get home somehow, don’t you? Class, take notes, cause we’re in session! Continue reading