Hannah Montana is gettin’ Hitched!

Sorry I’ve been gone a bit…but hey! What a day to reappear!!! Hannah Montana is gettin’ Hitched!


Cue the MTV show, “16 and Married!”

That’s right, folks! Super classy child spawn of Billy Ray “Achy Breaky Heart” Cyrus, Miss Miley Ray Cyrus (Born Destiny Hope Cyrus) has accepted a ring….a 3.5 carat ring might I add….from 22 year old Australian actor, Liam Hemsworth.

Miley say the ring and said “That’s Pretty Cool!!”

Now, before you go all, aww, ain’t that precious on me (and please for the sake of my brain, read this in a white trash southern accent….or a white trash Australian accent, if those exist)….Let’s think about this. Destiny Hope was born in 1992. Nineteen Ninety and fucking TWO!! And so that makes her NINETEEN19 for all y’all that can’t read. This was the bitch that a few years/months/weeks (?? when did Hannah Montana end? I don’t keep up….only with iCarly!) was acting on a show that’s sole premise was that when she put on a blonde wig people didn’t recognize who she really was, and when she took it off they couldn’t tell that she was a superstar. Wow…..

Wait? They are the SAME person??? No! NO! NO WAY!!!

So, I’m not saying this union is “Destined” to failĀ  or that I “Hope” it will….But I bet a “Hems Worth” of wedding alterations that this union is not going to last!

Although, who knows! Maybe Miley will start popping them out, then go crazy… a la Brit Brit….

This is a real picture! I don’t know who that baby is….

Just Sayin’…

Anyways…I’m Back!!! And Still SINGLE, Bitches!!




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