The Fizzle

So you know when it is a super hot day out and you are just dying for a nice fizzy soda? So you open it up, and then….

the phone rings….

you get busy…

you have to run some random errand….

You basically forget about the lovely, fizzy soda that you just got…. Continue reading

Sad (and ok, I’ll be a bit Shallow) Message #7

So, #1 with this message, I got it on Saturday night, when I was out with friends. Not that I am glamorous or anything…in fact, I was trying to find the write guy to drop Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me, maybe?” on….to be discussed at another time, possibly later on today, as I was not yet able to even get the words out (even though I had phone number in hand well, back pocket…

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Sad Single Ramblings (brought on by Laundry Boredom)

Well, hey there readers! How are you doing on this lovely, albeit boring Saturday (boring for me…and probably you if you.LAME!! are reading this on Saturday!)? So, being my sad, single self….I am having a massive laundry day… And of course what comes on, but He’s Just Not That Into You….because somehow the TV gods even know that clearly He’s just not that into me and they are trying to give me every possible sign…

So, and obviously this requires some reader PARTICIPATION here, when is your “he’s just not that into me” moment? And beyond that when do you have the moment of “Hey, dude, shit or get of the pot!!” I know, my romanticism is clearly is what has me sorting whites from colors all by my lonesome today, but in a real attempt at learning, I sincerely ask….when are you done? When is the moment that you stop and give up hope, and is that in fact when something happens? And in that case, is it worth it then?? Ok, I’ll stop my ramblings…only because I need to change loads. So please leave some opinion, thought, question, hate comment, note, suggestion, link, picture, ANYTHING! I beg of you!!!!




You mean Football….or Baseball, right SSG?
NO! I mean Fantasy Dating! Some crafty woman decided it was time for women to have some fun! And what is it that us ladies sit around and talk about…GUYS! So, when not create a point system for it and call it a game!
Basically, it’s fairly simple:

About Fantasy Dating

What:   It’s like any other fantasy sport, but you’re playing for love.
Who:   Your hot neighbor, the bartender you’ve been crushing on, a friendship you’d like to take to the next level…it’s your game.
Where:   The world is your playing field. Your new love, your prize.
How:   There is nobody on the planet like YOU. Use any talents, tools, networks you’ve got!
When:   Tick. Tock. Why not now??
Why:   You deserve better than waiting around for that special someone. Empower yourself and fall in love.
 (I did not write the above….it came from their website)
So, what do you need to do? Well, join my “League” I started!!
2. Sign up! (it’s freeeeeee!!!)
3. Then join my league I created: SadSingleGals
4. And then try to win!!!
Come on!! Do it!! We’re Sad….We’re Single….and We are here to Mingle!!!

PTTD: Post Traumatic Text Disorder


I’m sure you’ve all heard of PTSD, Post Traumatic STRESS Disorder. Well, guess what, medical community….

I have had all these events….from sending a text!!

I’ve discovered a new medical condition! Post Traumatic TEXT Disorder…Yup! PTTD. You know exactly what I am talking about. Don’t try to give me that shrug and go, wha…I don’t know what you mean…. Continue reading

WES: What Else Syndrome

Do you suffer from What Else Syndrome and NOT EVEN KNOW IT?

  • When you hear a song that you like on the radio, do you immediately think, I wonder WHAT ELSE is playing on other stations?
  • When you order one thing at a restaurant, do you think WHAT ELSE could I have ordered?
  • When you buy a dress for a wedding, do you continue to look at hundreds of websites and continue to think WHAT ELSE you could wear?
  • When you go to the movies, do you always think, I wonder WHAT ELSE is playing right now?

But the worst, and most underlying condition of WHAT ELSE Syndrome is the recently named symptom, WHO ELSE-itis. This happens in many a situation:

Sorry this photo is from stockland…

  • When you go to a bar and get hit on by one person, hit it off, but then start thinking, WHO ELSE?
  • When you are in a long term relationship and all of a sudden think, WHO ELSE?
  • When you are walking down the aisle and get cold feet at the thought of being with one person, and think, WHO ELSE?

It also counts if you gallop away on a horse until Richard Gere comes and saves you…

If any of these symptoms sound like you or a friend, get to your nearest watering hole, take a shot, and hook up with the first person you see. Don’t question it. Repeat if desired. Use precautions (I’m not asking you to make a baby or get the herp!) Then, look in the mirror and realize, so what if there is something or someone else? There always will be. And you kinda just gotta be ok with that. Unless the person you are with is a vial piece of shit…then run….

See? This bitch is just going for it! I’m not actually advocating basically having sex AT the bar, in fact please don’t, but at least she is clearly not looking at ANYONE else! YEAAAAA!

SadSingle Bill Of Rights

So since I have been so busy traveling and have neglected all you fine people, I missed the Fourth of July. And yes, I know, Fourth of July=Declaration of Independence, but really? Fuck that!
So I decided to keep on the theme of American documents and draft a SadSingle Bill of Rights (Loosely, WAYYYYY loosely based on the real bill of rights…ok maybe not even based just used whatever I remembered from 3rd grade and a glance at google …)

All those men in one place….can you count the STDs?

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