Sad Single Summer

So I’ve tried this one before…and you know what? You’ve all been big fat (speaking of fat and summer…UGHHHH) failures. I’ve asked for your questions, your quandaries, your hopes, your dreams, your ways to humiliate me….

Well I guess some people never learn!!

Because here I go again asking for all that and more in a a new (hopefully) Daily Feature I like to call Sad Single Summer. What is Sad Single Summer you might ask? Or, not. That’s up to you. Well, if you ask, Sad Single Summer is the chance for me, Lady SSG, to do whatever you want. Let’s say you have always wondered if guys like girls in hats but are too afraid to wear one in public? I’ll do it! Let’s say you have always wanted to use that cheesy pick up line on a guy but was too afraid? Send it on over! Let’s just say you want to embarrass me and make me write about it? That’s cool too!!!

And if I don’t hear from you…well, how are you to know? Because I am a pretty creative person. But let’s all just think that this will be a lot better if you are the ones telling ME what to do.

So, as part of Sad Single Summer, it would only be fair that I tell you that tonight I am being fancy shmancy and going to a book party (with free booze…durh!!) and then off to a mixer! So put your thinking caps on! Let those creative juices flow. And get ready for me to essentially do whatever your devious little brains desire….Welcome to the Summer of Single!!

Please make my summer more exciting than this!! Please…

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