Switch Day

So I have said this before, but I went to overnight camp. In fact, I loved overnight camp. It was wonderful. It was an all girls camp, and it was this magical place that you would escape into for 8 weeks of the summer and not really care how you looked, what you wore, if you were being crazy, if people looked at you while you were being crazy, and it was a blast! We dressed in pajamas all day long, and our hair was a frizzy mess most of the time (being that it was a mostly Jewish camp!), we sang and danced on our tables in the dining halls, and we just DID NOT ever care!

This isn’t from my camp, but it could have been…I have many a picture that look JUST like this.

WELL…except on Thursdays! Thursdays were social days! On Thursdays, we skipped general swim, hightailed it back to our cabins, and pulled out our finest looks! Away went the Soffe Shorts, and out came the denim! Every outlet was plugged in with a blow dryer, straightener, you name it….and the fuse would blow every few minutes.

This is pretty, pretty accurate!

But there was one camp tradition, that did involve the boys, that somehow didn’t turn us into raving lunatics, worrying that our currently straight hair would frizz in 10, 9, 8, 7…..And this magical day, was Switch Day!
Now, we might not have turned into crazies, because Switch Day happened when the older campers, the seniors went on their trips, to exotic locales such as Boston, Toronto, Cleveland, Montreal, and Cooperstown. Oh yeah! So the Junior campers were left to rule the camp!

So basically, since there was a boys and girls camp, the remaining campers that were left, grades 3-6 had Switch day. So in the morning, all the 3rd and 4th graders would be at one camp, and the 5th and 6th graders at the other. And then in the afternoon, we would switch! So, for a half of the day, as a lady, you were at your own camp WITH the boys, and then you were at the boys camp, WITH the boys too.

Now, you are probably thinking, shut up already about CAMP! Sorry, I really love it…but I have a point! Even though in both situations you were with the boys, the power dynamics completely shifted. We were going into the boys territory and they had to make way for us. And somehow still, even when they came to our camp, we had to show them up, and still had the power. Not like at a social, when we anxiously got off the bus and shyly flirted in a circle, 8 girls to 2 guys. We finally were in charge somehow!!

And this is where the point is made…I hope. Well, for all of you that are wise enough to pick up on my recent posts, I clearly have been having some textual exchanges with a gentleman. And it is ridiculous (not the actual texts, well….but the situation). Because even though we all say it isn’t a game, it is. It’s this crazy “who texted who last…don’t give too much info…don’t be needy…wait till he texts you…what did that mean…what was the last thing he said?…did you wait long enough to text back…ackkkk…” And I just turned into Kathy!

So, my wish is that we (WOMEN) could get the power one of these days. I’m basically asking for a romantic real life Switch Day. A day when the guys become the girls (and have to feel our anxiety and chocolate cravings!)and the girls get the power. And not have to worry about if the guy they like is going to think they are so needy, or why did they text that.

And who knows! Maybe I’m wrong and guys actually have the same worries we do…but I’m pretty sure not. While doing some “research” (ie why the fuck hasn’t he texted me back…I shouldn’t text him, right?) the other day, I literally typed into the google search:

I kind of just wanted to see what I would come up with…and also wanted to prove to myself that I am hopefully (DUH!) not the only one that feels this way. And what do you know? There is a whole Facebook group devoted to this called I’m The Girl. You’re The Boy. You Text Me First Or We Don’t Talk Today! But then I came across some so called “texting expert” (see, I would just call myself a texpert) named Michael Masters…who calls himself the Master Dater (are you thinking what I’m thinking??? Sorry, I don’t claim to not have a dirty mind). And basically in his “texting advice” agrees with me…that there are these rules and if you break them, your screwed (well, actually your technically NOT screwed…)

So Mike the Master Bater Dater basically says three things:

  1. Curb your impatience  
  2. Text back only when he does  
  3. Never chase a guy over text

But what I’m saying is that if the roles were reversed, what would the situation look like? Would all this back and forth and waiting and NOTHING happening be figured out if us ladies were in charge? Or would it be exactly the same…just a new AND different form of frustrating?



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