Sad Single Gal of the Day: Anyone in This Crazy LA Heat

Holy Hotness!! Really, Los Angeles? Gross…this is just gross! We basically all look like James Brown after a marathon performance every time we leave the comfort of the Air Conditioning:

He does not “Feel Good”…right?

You all know that this is you….and it is not a good look. It’s not cooling down at night here, so going out last night was pretty frusterating…since your makeup was literally dripping down your face by the time you stepped into the not adequately ventilated bar. ATTRACTIVE!


So enjoy the sun, and don’t overheat…I guess manage to TRY to stay cute (even with the power of the sun making deodorant obsolete for sweat….also is there such a thing as breast deodorant? seriously it is so hot, that there is sweat EVERYWHERE!)
And you can find me somewhere like this today:

Or really, just sitting in my air-conditioned room with cold water and netflix….






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