Eye Contact the Authorities…Creep

So it took me a little longer than expected (sorry, I live in a very Russian and Gay polling precinct, so nothing from my voting experience…I didn’t even get to pull a lever…that’s what she said), but I finally completed challenge #1- Make eye contact with a guy and then talk to him….I did it, well kind of….

So, all week long I have been working on my “eye contact” skills, because as I am sure I’ve expressed many times before, I am an awkward motherfucker when it comes to that thing. I even have been asked if I have something in my eye before-  Thank you contact lenses for the wonderful cover time and again. Well, my eye contact skillz have VASTLY improved over the week, but I didn’t really have any approachable situations….Seriously! I really have been trying.
Well, Saturday night I had success at last! I made eye contact with more than one man! SHOCKING! I know, what a little slutty looker I am! And I have gotten so good at eye contact, that I actually had a guy call for me across the bar and then have the bartender summon me before calling me over. And using my newfoundglory bravery, I went. And totally went with it, even though I was less than interested. Until…until I got asked “Do you want to wrestle with me?” Because, no, no I did not.

This is how aggressive that comment felt

But the doesn’t mean I didn’t wrestle with someone else later that night…

So, check to challenge number 1!

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