Excuses, Excuses

The dog ate my homework….

Probably the most commonly heard excuse on tv, but has anyone ever used it in real life? Excuses are sometimes the dumbest thing ever….so obvious and clearly, an excuse!
But sometimes, they serve a great purpose:

No, honey, you could never look fat….I’m allergic to this, so no I can’t try your new recipe….I have a headache….

And in the instance of asking someone out and getting rejected, they serve an AMAZING purpose. The other night, I had a friend who rejected a guy, in a rather nice way. Instead of laughing at said stalker in the face and telling him to get lost, she merely said she didn’t have time for dating right now, as her work for the next two months takes up all her free time (which, in fact, is true…although, if she was interested SHE WOULD MAKE TIME…). So instead of having my teenage experience of asking a guy to take a walk in the woods with me (no euphemism here…it was camp!) and have him laugh in my face, and then hear laughter when he told all the guys, no one really had to be embarrassed. But clearly this dude was a glutton for punishment.

SO…today, he proceeds to track my friend down on facebook, private message her, and ask her out AGAIN. Now…DUDE….seriously? No means no. Especially when a girl is nice enough to give you an excuse. To let you walk away with your dignity held high. As much as I am a firm believer in the fact that if a guy wants to get in touch with me after meeting me, they will (thus not becoming stalky sue and being able to realize he ain’t that into you fairly easily)…men need to realize the same kind of goes for girls. Quit doing the whole “wearing us down” thing. Because honestly, that’s no good for anyone either. Because you wear us down, we agree to go out with you, maybe start to realize you’re ok, and then what happens? The thrill of the chase is gone….and so are you.

And there is no excuse for that!

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