Supermarket Swept Away: 49 Days till Love

Challenge #2: Supermarket Sweep: man version!

So i need to go to a grocery store and instead of really shopping for groceries, i am shopping for gentlemen! how exactly? Like starting conversation with a guy about what he’s cooking…maybe exchanging recipes and then suggesting we cook together sometime…

Alright, now what part of Los Angeles is best for this? And any market recommendations??

Eye Contact the Authorities…Creep

So it took me a little longer than expected (sorry, I live in a very Russian and Gay polling precinct, so nothing from my voting experience…I didn’t even get to pull a lever…that’s what she said), but I finally completed challenge #1- Make eye contact with a guy and then talk to him….I did it, well kind of….

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Excuses, Excuses

The dog ate my homework….

Probably the most commonly heard excuse on tv, but has anyone ever used it in real life? Excuses are sometimes the dumbest thing ever….so obvious and clearly, an excuse!
But sometimes, they serve a great purpose: Continue reading