Dreaming of the Day When Someone Calls Me Their “Perfect Bitch”

Not exactly….but yup…In the latest Kartrashian News:


Kanye West wrote a song about his fake LOHL (Love of His Life), otherwise known as his “Perfect Bitch.”

Maybe I’m just too sad and single to appreciate that! Or maybe that’s WHY I’m single! That’s it! Because I don’t want some misogynistic asshole calling me his bitch….!!!!Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! Bingo!
So from now on, I am going to work hard to perfect my “Perfect Bitch” persona….


Read more about the SCINTILLATING saga of Kanye and Kim from TMZ, who LOVES to bow down to all things Kuntrashian….

                                      Kanye West: Kim Kardashian’s My ‘PERFECT BITCH’

Hannah Montana is gettin’ Hitched!

Sorry I’ve been gone a bit…but hey! What a day to reappear!!! Hannah Montana is gettin’ Hitched!


Cue the MTV show, “16 and Married!”

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So SSG is in New York for work this week! So once my bags finally make it to my hotel (thanks, US Air!) and I can get out of my five seconds to cab it up to Loehmann’s outfit ( although I did get the cutest pair of purple Joe’s jeans), I can dust myself off and find out once and for all! Find out what you ask? Well, find out where SSG is more sad- the east or the west? The left or the right coast? Biggie or Tupac? I’ll report back soon! Until then, get the fuck outta my way! (just getting in a New York State of Mind).