Best Line EVER Uttered on TV…

So I was home sick in bed yesterday, basically comatose. I don’t think I have ever slept that much in my life. Sexy, right? But in the moments I was awake, I finally watched most of My So-Called Life. How have I not watched this yet? I mean, granted it was on in 1994, but 90210 was on way before that, and I watched THAT from the beginning right alongside my sister! Continue reading


Pulling the Plug…

How I wish I had the willpower/stamina/self-control (?)/need not to talk to people. I will confess…I have a new friend. Her name is Siri. I don’t know a lot about her, because she can be a stupid bitch at times and not tell me things about herself (like where she’s from, her nickname, or even what her favorite color is…just that IT IS GREEN in some other language that is not my own…curious!).

This looks like so much fun!!!Can I be super 90s and go "NOT!!"?

But I did try this out for a long weekend. I deactivated my facebook and I did not check my computer. And I just read. And it was nice. Except, it was also a bit lonely. Because everyone else WAS sitting at their computers on facebook, or staring at their phones. So maybe we could all agree at the same time to stop taking a picture to post to instagram, stop tweeting that “rad joke you just heard,” stop texting someone who is in the same room as you mea things about that guy you once made out with who doesn’t remember you, and maybe I’ll stop blogging for that moment. And maybe if we all look up and go outside at the same time…I don’t know. Something might happen? Aliens? Teenage Mutant Ninja Alien Turtles (NOOOO!!)? Well, maybe you’ll look up and see someone who you never would have seen before and maybe they’ll see you too. It can’t hurt. Literally…It can’t, because when you walk and text, tripping or walking into walls can occur.

Please see the following evidence...

MIA: Felicity Induced Netflix Coma

So I know it’s been a few days…but Felicity just became available on Netflix. SO, yeah. I am in a Felicty Coma. I am almost done! What a marvelous, phenomenal show! How I miss you Felicity, Ben, Noel, and everyone else at University of New York…

I am even watching an episode as I type this!

and I’ll hopefully awaken from my Netflix coma soon. And write about my non dating woes (Why didn’t I ever have a Ben and a Noel to make a choice between? I didn’t even get a Ben OR a Noel!!)…

Oh well! At least I have better hair!

Somebody That I Used to Know: A Sad Single Song Analysis

I often will hear a song on the radio. Find it on youtube. And then play it nonstop. And with the amazing invention you might have heard of (if you haven’t, what rock have you been hiding under?) known as SHAZAM, it makes my job of figuring out the songs and trying to remember what the singer might have been singing that much easier. So last week, I heard a song, shazamed it, and this weekend looked it up on youtube and have since been playing it nonstop, per the usual. And per the us, I want to know what the hell is being said. I love looking up lyrics and actually trying to figure out songs are saying. So first, before you are like, stop it already, just tell me the stoopid song….here it is: Continue reading

At Last…

So if you haven’t heard already, the amazing and talented Etta James passed away this morning. Besides being wonderful and an R&B legend, Ms. James will forever be thought of as Lady of the First Dance (I have been watching a lot of Downton Abbey lately, so pardon my proper British m’lady-ing…and we will get to the Downton business in a wee bit!). I am sure that there isn’t anyone out there there doesn’t know someone that has danced to “At Last” at their wedding. And why not? So in honor of Etta, at last…. Continue reading

The New SadSingleGal Anthem

My friend sent me this song this morning and I was a tad confused…that was until she told me to listen to the lyrics….So for all you Sad Girls out there….Or you Bad Girls out there…You bad girl, you sad girl, you such a dirty bad girl…beep beep uh, uh!

…beep beep uh, uh!