Sad Single Gal of the Day: Jennifer Aniston


For all you Jennifer Aniston haters out there- SUCK IT! Let her be happy! She got screwed over by Angie’s demon vag that snapped away her hubby and has been the fodder of the tabloids for YEARS! Example:

Well, as anyone who knew me growing up could tell you, I have always be a fan of Ms. Aniston. I even had a really ill-fated attempt at a “Rachel” that just did not quite look as good on me….

But Jen has proved to us SSGs that if you hold your head up high, that one day a guy will like it enough to put a ring on it again !!! (Now, can i question the whole men proposing on their birthday thing? Is it to make remembering that anniversary easier?? Huh???)

To the FUTURE Patron Saint of Sad Single Gals, L’Chaim!


I Am Thankful…

…that I wasn’t proposed to in a diner. Yea, folks, you read that right…a DINER! I am home in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving break, and yesterday morning, before my sister and I headed home to the suburbs to our parents house, we required some coffee and greasy food (you know what that means!!!). So we are sitting in my sister’s local greasy spoon…which by the way is one of the coolest old diners I have been to, we were at an actual counter (Little Pete’s)….and this happens: Continue reading