Third Wheeling It

As the perennial single gal, something I have grown far too accustomed to is being the third wheel.

SingleGal (far right), age 2.

You know, the wheel that you don’t need…the one that doesn’t really do anything…the wheel that if you removed it everything would still work just as well.

Need I say more?

Yeah, that’s me. The removable entity in your life that you can slot in when it works best for you. And before you go, whoa, SingleGal is PISSED off at somebody or something, no, I am more or less just stating my third wheel status (TWS).

SingleGal (far left), Age 6

I am a pretty awesome third wheel, by the way. Because I will roll over (see what I did there?) and allow myself to become the “third wheel” even if it was only supposed to be me and a friend getting together. If life was a bike (eww, I don’t like bikes, but this works so well for my analogy), hanging out with a friend one on one is like the two wheels of the bike.

Plain old two wheeled bike...

Great. But then you get that phonecall/text/facebook message/tweet “Is it ok if BF comes too?” And all of a sudden you become the training wheels. The Training wheels for god sakes! Who needs fucking training wheels after they are 5 years old?

See? No training wheels! She doesn't NEED them anymore!

LOSERS! That’s who!

SingleGal (far right), Age 15

And of course I don’t mind if BF comes. I really don’t. In most cases, I like BF. But then the PDEwww starts happening (yeah, I use phrases that I have coined myself…deal with it), and it just starts to feel less like friend time and more like I’m intruding.

SingleGal (far right), Immortalized forever as a third wheel

And if you’re reading this still (wow, you got this far…keep going! you can do it!), now you are probably like, whoa, SingleGal, paranoid much? And I’m sure I am. My name is SingleGal, and I’m a paranoidaholic…where is the nearest PA meeting? But…(and this is a big but, and I can not lie…) it is not without justification. I have been left out in the cold before, discarded my whom I considered to be my nearest and dearest. Because, as I said, that third wheel isn’t needed, and throwing it away in the trash doesn’t really affect the ride of that bike (this is the corniest thing EVER), it really only affects that thrown away wheel at the bottom of the garbage. So before I totally lose you from my blog forever, I leave you with this:

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