The Third Person vs. The Third Wheel

I wrote some time ago about how I have been immortalized as the perennial Third Wheel. Well, last night I was out with my good friend and her boyfriend. And I have to say, not once did they make me feel like the third wheel. Rather than making me feel like this:

SadSingleGal on a usual night

…they made me feel like this:

Well...we weren't exactly (as the stock photo caption says) "running along a sandy beach in autumn"...but you get my point.

Which is, really, so nice. It is already awkward enough as a single lady when you put yourself out there in couple situations, but it really does make it wayyyyy worse when the couple you are with just keeps plowing in the fact that they are a 2 and you are a 1. But these friends just made me feel like (what I will affectionately refer to) the “third person.” Not like I was the removable entity in the group, but rather that there were three people and we were just having a nice time.

I also had a similar situation last week, with a good friend of mine. He is married, and never do I feel awkward or uncomfortable or made to feeling like a sad sap around him and his wife. I guess it does come down to couples that really feel the need to flaunt their “Coupledom” to others ALL THE TIME! (I will refer you to another of my brilliant postings…P. D. Ewwwwwwwww!). I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to have affection for someone you love, but there is that instance where I do start to wonder at times, are these people trying to prove a point or just make me go home and cry into my New Kids in the Block pillow case from when I was 4?

I actually didn't have a NKOTB pillowcase...I had a lunchbox. It was purple. I love you JOEY!!! OH OH OH OH...The right stuff!

Regardless, I will say that I’d much rather be the third person, then be the third wheel. Remember, good things do come in threes!

The Hogwart Three- Harry, Ron, and Hermione

The Day Off Trio- Cameron, Sloane, and Ferris

The High Voiced 3- Alvin, Simon...Theodore

Crosby, Stills, & Nash....who needed Young?

The 3 Angels- Left, Middle, Right...we wouldn't be able to do this cool pose at photobooths without them!


2 thoughts on “The Third Person vs. The Third Wheel

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve pretty much ‘broken up’ with 2 friends who recently started dating each other because they are one of those couples who just make me feel like an invisible pathetic loser when I’m around them. They were bad enough when they weren’t actually dating (and refused to accept that their behaviour made anyone else around them feel incredibly excluded) so you can imagine what they’re like now that they are together.
    I’m pretty sure they just think I’m a sad old spinster (well, I am 36, which IS pretty old to be single!) who needs to get over it, but there are so many couples that I don’t feel that way around so I say it’s their problem.
    Actually the saddest thing is that he’s 35 and she’s 19 and she’s become a total clone of him. I hate seeing women lose their own identity because they’re so obsessed with a guy 😦

    • Thanks for commenting! I know….isn’t it sad when a perfectly good friendship goes to waste! I have had it happen SOOO many times. And you are so right about couples becoming clones of each other. It is even sadder when they start doing and saying things that they were morally opposed to before they got together!

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