Famous Third Wheels

In honor of my TWS (Third Wheel Status), i figured I would honor those other famous third wheels throughout time, space, fiction, etc.

Phoebe & Joey From Friends

Phoebe and Joey were the third wheels of Friends, no matter what anyone says. With the pairings of Ross/Rachel and Monica/Chandler, Phoebe and Joey were the comic relief that third wheeled it for 10 years...at least Phoebe got Paul Rudd. Joey just got "Joey."

Harry Potter from Harry Potter

How sad! Harry is the third wheel of his own series! Yes, he does have love, but of the three members of his group, Harry is the third wheel with Ron and Hermione riding of into their (magical) sunset.

Jacob Black from Twilight

Now, I don't partake in the nonsense that is Twilight...I like my vampires to be a bit more raunchy, a la True Blood. But recently, I was forced to watch some of the drek that is polluting our youth (come one, Vampires that don't have sex, that can walk in the daylight, and that can breed with humans...NO!) But Jacob is apparently the third wheel in the ever romantic love story of Edward the Vamp and Bella "I am so boring and can't emote" Swan. And then to "find" love, Jacob has to imprint on their baby???!!! What the Hell??? I still don't get this (maybe someone over at http://www.thecampfires.com/ can explain better) but Jacob, welcome to the Third Wheel Club.

Jennifer Aniston, formerly of Brad + Jen, – the Jen, + the Angelina = Brangelina

You all know how this goes, unless you've been living under a rock. Brad and Jen were married. In stoners bliss it seemed, until Angie came around with her golden vay jay jay with it's claws of destruction ruining everything that came before. Leaving Jen alone. And Brad with 50 kids. And Angie of course. Awkward!

Christina Aguilera, at the 2003 MTV VMAs

Poor Xtina! You all remember this number! Britney (pre-craycray) and Xtina (Dirrty, pre fat) came out singing "Like a Virgin" (so funny, right? bc we all knew they weren't!!! Sarcasm!) And then Madge joined for some song, and (SHOCKER) kissed Brit Brit, the camera pans to Justin Timberlake (her recent ex) and then barely gets Madge locking lips with Christina. And the picture above is the one that gets put in every paper. Of Xtina standing there by here lonesome, looking on at the lovefest. And then Britney and Madonna go on to record together. And Christina does Burlesque. And gets fat.

Joe Simpson, Father of Jess and Ashlee Simpson

So, not exactly sure if Papa Joe is the third wheel here or if any man that come into his daughters' lives are. Papa Joe is the dadager to the extreme. Some meet even say that he is at fault for the marriage between Jessica and Nick Lachey falling apart....because he was always there! So maybe Nick was the third wheel in the relationship?? Creepy!!

Do you have any more? What crazy couples can you think of that have a third hanger on that needs to proudly declare their TWS (once again, THIRD WHEEL STATUS…shout it from the rooftops!)? Let me know in the comments below….

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