You know me. (And if you don’t by now, you haven’t really been paying much attention to like my past 50 posts…they are still here…read on!) So, you should know that I welcome any single ladies (oh Beyonce…that song just won’t get out of my head, will it?) that want to join in the telling of their single tales…. Continue reading

Hair Today, Gone To….a Great Cause.

So I’m sure you have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while. Well, I have been recovering from surgery…I’m fine. Just not leading the swinging single life as I’m used to. And I can promise you that all of these tv shows that promise you McDreamy, McSteamy, McHot Male Nurse, and McGeorge Clooney before he became uber famous, are a big fat lie. I did not fall in love with any doctors, nurses, orderlies, lab techs, other patients, etc. It was very unromantic as surgeries go…and I guess normal.

I don't recall anyone that looked like that...even under anesthetics!

But something that happens after you go through surgery and feeling shitty, is that you want a change. Something that you can actually see. And feel good about. In my case, I decided a drastic haircut was in order. Now, I am sure many of you think of the same thing as I do when you hear “drastic haircut.” Continue reading