The New SadSingleGal Anthem

My friend sent me this song this morning and I was a tad confused…that was until she told me to listen to the lyrics….So for all you Sad Girls out there….Or you Bad Girls out there…You bad girl, you sad girl, you such a dirty bad girl…beep beep uh, uh!

…beep beep uh, uh!

SadSingleGal Gets a Phone Call…

FROM A BOY!!!!! I know….pretty exciting, right? Funny thing is though, I had no clue at the time it was even happening. Which you are reading that and going, what, um, how, what…um, explain?

So if you recall, I “Dear SSG”-ed myself (I already have a blog called The Sad Adventures of A Single Gal…so there really is no shame) about a guy I was interested in and had met at a party. Well, I took the advice of a friend and actually wrote this guy a note. I stuck it in his mailbox at work, and heard nothing back. I then proceeded to completely forget about the guy, the note, and the situation in general….(I was in Hawaii after all- I am getting to that, I promise. I have just been busy!)

Can I go back, please? No really!

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