SadSingleGal Gets a Phone Call…

FROM A BOY!!!!! I know….pretty exciting, right? Funny thing is though, I had no clue at the time it was even happening. Which you are reading that and going, what, um, how, what…um, explain?

So if you recall, I “Dear SSG”-ed myself (I already have a blog called The Sad Adventures of A Single Gal…so there really is no shame) about a guy I was interested in and had met at a party. Well, I took the advice of a friend and actually wrote this guy a note. I stuck it in his mailbox at work, and heard nothing back. I then proceeded to completely forget about the guy, the note, and the situation in general….(I was in Hawaii after all- I am getting to that, I promise. I have just been busy!)

Can I go back, please? No really!

So Monday night, I am out (at a work function…I am the SadSingleGal after all. Where did you think I was? A date?! Hah!) and my phone rings. I was expecting a call from someone that I had just meant who was come to my work think, so I answered and loe and behold it was the boy. Except in SSG fashion it went a bit like this:

Loud music in bar plays…a weird string trio version of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. SSG’s phone vibrates. She picks up.

    SSG: Hello?

    BOY: Hey, this is *****

Loud music gets even louder

    SSG: I’m sorry, who is this? I can’t hear you.

    Boy: It sounds really loud in there. This is *****. I can call you later.

    SSG: WHO? WHAT? Who is this?

    BOY: I’ll call you later.

    SSG: I don’t know what you’re saying. Just text me.

    BOY: Ok. Bye.

SSG hangs up the phone and sits in wonderment. Who the hell was *****? Oh wait!!

    SSG: I just got a phone call from a boy!

But he texted me a short 5 minutes after….so we’ll see!

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